Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Designer Spotlight {Baldwin Denim}

By {Molly}

This spotlight is really rare for me. I am loyal to 7 For All Mankind denim, like to a fault. I won't even pin something I find cute from another denim line on Pinterest, none the less use anything but 7FAM in my posts. The reason starts with work.  I am the Southeast {Atlanta} territory rep for the brand, but it doesn't end there. I genuinely love the fit, cuts, washes, styles of 7FAM so I don't feel like I'm missing anything.

However, I had to spotlight this Kansas City denim line. First of all, I love my home state of Kansas even though I no longer live there. I'm proud to say I'm from there, as I'm sure most of the TSP staff would agree {the vast majority of them live in Kansas currently}.

I was thrilled the brand was featured in GQ magazine as one of the top up and coming men's lines of 2013. That's huge! I love anyone coming from Kansas and doing their thing in the world, it only looks good for the rest of us.

If you have any connection to Kansas, Kansas City or the Midwest for that matter you should check out their t-shirts and hats.


I'm not a huge hat person but with wavy hair, a cute pair of black jogging pants and a leather jacket I think I'd rock these on a Sunday afternoon.

The really exciting news is that they did a collaboration with GQ Magazine and Gap. It's a small collection and mostly men's denim but they also have this t-shirt that I personally think everyone needs. I just bought 3 {no that's not a joke...}.

It's a mens shirt, but I bought a small and it fits just fine. If you are actually a guy you might want to size up a little and hurry! They are selling out fast. 

Check out their brand new flagship store on the Country Club Plaza the next time you are in Kansas City. Not to mention their original reason for moving back to Kansas City, the ├╝ber cool boutique Standard Style.

Who doesn't love representing their state?


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